Being in 23/1

We venture to guess many people would be surprised to hear there is solitary confinement at the Durham County Detention Center. The writer sends his message from there. He alludes to the mysterious death of Terry D. Lee, who died in segregation unit in March of this year.


Hey buddy, how’s your day or shall I say afternoon? I’m depressed as usual being in 23/1. It seems every inmate corresponds to you end up in the hole. 🙂 I’m a die hard IOA fan-LOL-I guess.

Hey, my pals who have no money wants you to write to them and help them with their struggle. ______, ________, _________, ________: my fellow friends in the seg unit in Durham County Jail.

Please send some great books. I have finished the others (from Prison Books Colllective).

Oh, by the way, thanks for the last books and put my fellows names down for books. The names above will write to you and speak about seg unit. It’s really bad back here in the hole where inmates have suspiciously died and passed away.

Please write to the guys I’ve gave you the names of above. They don’t believe me when I talk about you (all).

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