“It’s Not Working, None of It”: A Beating Recalled, No Opportunities, and Kids Inside

The writer gives details on c.o.’s beating an inmate that was referred to in earlier posts. Attempts have been made to contact the man who was beaten to get a fuller story. His name is withheld to protect him.

Dear ______,

It is good to have a name to put with whom I am writing. So, let’s talk about the beating (occurred in Jan. 2013):

I was laying on my bunk reading and heard an argument and it was S (inmate) arguing with Harris and Harris was walking his tour and was upstairs when he said ‘hold up I’ll be right there, just hold on.’ S (inmate) said something about Harris. It was derogatory and I heard then Smalls and Harris come into the block open Cell #6 and tell him to sit down. The next thing I know was Smalls leaped into the cell followed by Harris. You couldn’t see exactly what was going on in the cell but you could hear it and S (inmate) was saying, “Stop, stop, I’m sorry,” and then they dragged him to the door and Harris was standing above him drilling him. Then they cuffed him and pulled him off the floor and jerked his arms above his shoulders which made him bend at a right angle with arms behind his back and head at waist level, and they took him out of the pod.

…Now for the library services, you only get to go when the librarian sees fit to take you and only get to stay 10-15 minutes. And there are about 8 to 15 people at a time and nothing is in order. As far as general educational services there are 0–NONE! I have seen several children come through here, we’re talking 16 year old kids that are missing 7 months of school and are around career criminals and gang members and are reading these urban novels that romanticize killing, gangs, drug dealing and graphic sex acts that these children want to be just like the characters in these books. And other adult gang members are trying to recruit these kids.

Now, I personally don’t think this is the place for people under 18 years old. And these kids have, well some have, no one to go to when they get out, they don’t get visits and no vocational training. All they’re doing here is making a harder and more educated criminal. It’s not working, none of it.

…Be sure to keep up the good work. You as well as your associates are appreciated more than you know.

One of many,


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