Signing their life away

Dear ____,

How’s it going? Well I hope everything is well and ok for you and the family at I.O.A. Like I said it’s good to know we have a voice out there and we’re not forgotten. The stories the inmates write about the officers, the nurses and the so-called higher ups are true. I‘m in pod 4-D and an inmate got bitten by a spider two days ago and his arm has swollen up and the nursing staff only gave him an ice pack to put on it. And then, where he got bit he has a bump that looks like some fluid is in it and outside the bump it’s all red and swollen. Now his arm has been like this for two days, and I’ve witnessed him telling the nurses that his arm is aching and they give him IBUPROFEN. That seems to be the cure for everything in the D.C.J.

The showers are taken over by gnats or should I say fruit flies and we don’t have the proper cleaning things to clean our rooms or showers, so when you are moved into a room it smells like urine. The mops we use smell sour so that’s what your room smells like. If inmates say anything about the conditions or address them in front of other inmates then staff accuse that particular inmate of trying to cause a riot so he’ll either end up in the hole or on Admin-Seg which he will be locked back in his room until they see fit to let him out. I’ve been in and out of jails and prisons going on a long time and with the conditions on the way that the inmates are being treated, like long periods before court dates, poor defense counsel, most inmates give up hope and will sign any plea the DA’s offer because there’s no hope for them so they give up, no one’s speaking for them, not even their lawyer who is supposed to represent them.  So, they sign their life away, or just give up hope. As long as I’m here I will update you about the goings on in DCJ please believe that.

I will fight on


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