It’s the whole system!

As the letter says, the writer got out of Durham jail earlier this month. Sadly, as his dire situation hints might happen, he is back inside.

To whom it may concern!

I’m LY and I’ve been to several Feedback meetings! I’m really concerned also. It’s the whole system outside in Durham, also the Durham County jail. Racial profiling happens. They need to make money to pay for new courthouse.

7-27-13 Had same food for supper as we had for lunch.

Take their time to let us out on time. They have personal problems and they take it out on inmates. The whole system is corrupted, messed up. I waited 25 days going to court after first appearance for 2nd degree trespassing and simple possession of weed. They are using this for the Feds to give them money for people to get locked up — it’s costing taxpayers’ money! The Feds need to do something about this system in Durham County. Also in this jail the court system is a mess. I would love to get with meetings. I’m getting out August _____. I lost everything I had. I got to start all over again. It’s hard out in the world after you lose everything!

Write back,

On back: Police harassment and brutality. Racial profiling of people of colors.
Everything is about money!

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