Prisoner Health: (In)Correct Care part of the problem, not solution


My name is D.D. I am an inmate of the Durham County Jail and have been for 10 months and would like to inform you about the sub-par health care that (Correct Care Solutions) CCS is providing for us here in my pod. In my pod that I was just moved to (5B) there are inmates that have ringworm, merser, staph infection and a variety of other things that are unknown to me and these people have put in sick calls and are in pain with swelling and great discomfort. They and I would like to know what they are washing the linens with as well as wanting to know about the lack of cleaning supplies, envelopes, toilet paper, soap, toothpaste and other basic hygiene needs.

Now on another note I was hurting with neck and chest pains and told the C.O. at 5:25 pm. It took until 7:20 pm for the nurse to come up. When she did there were no vitals taken and she left. No sugar level taken and I am a diabetic, no blood pressure taken and I have hypertension, … no pulse rate taken and I was basically ignored by the nurse and she went back downstairs. Well, 30 minutes later, they send a special communication needs form up. Stating I was to be put on bed rest for 2 days to be locked in my room because this is how medical (CCS) is able to punish you for what I was told Crying Wolf. Now this is not the fact. I was in need of medical attention. It was not coming and I was on my own. I did not see the doctor till Thursday, 2 days later in the morning. Now by then I have already put in a grievance to medical and the Major, Couch.

Well let me wrap this up before I get caught using a pencil in my cell.


P.S. If possible could you send me some books to read. We are lacking good things to read! Thanks!

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