The Key Word is People

The writer makes an appeal for the human rights of prisoners and distinguishes between treatment in jails and prisons. He also raises some issues about mail and other materials being denied to prisoners in Durham jail.

Hey _______,

I didn’t know what happen to you. I have not heard from you in a long time. I did not get the books. Someone told me the jail had stop giving us mail that came from you all. If you sent the books, I did not get them.

To be honest there are people that have done things so bad that they should be separated from society. But the key word is people. They are still human beings and not dogs. Most people in prison, that are supposed to be convicted of a crime, are treated better than people in jail, who have not been convicted of anything yet.

Do you have any urban novels, or any more detective books? If not, that’s ok. Keep writing. I love reading The Feedback.

                                                                                                Staying Strong,


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