Guilty Until Proven Guilty

Dear ________,

I’m doing okay, just staying strong and keeping my head held high at all times. I been in this county jail for 22 months without a trial date. This system is really messed up. I see you are guilty until proven guilty. That’s really sad us black people don’t have a voice to fight for our freedom. Durham County jail is the nastiest, dirtiest place I’ve ever been in, from the showers to the rooms we live in. Six months ago I was bitten by a spider and I broke out with bumps. With my charges already hard on me, this jail stresses me even more. The canteen (prices) go up every other month, it’s making it hard on my family on the outside helping me and Pay-Tel—they’re getting over big time!

I been in here because a law officer said he believe he saw me. That’s real crazy. I don’t even have a history of none of the stuff they saying I did and I feel the system let me down and they wanna say they have a black male for the crime. They feel better another nigga off the streets.

I hope I made a contribution by writing.


I would love to receive some books to read.

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