The Shipping and Handling “Gimmick”


What’s happening out there? I pray that God has kept you safe and in his care since we last spoke. I’m still holding on as best I can. I was ecstatic when I got Volume 2 of the Feedback issue and read my piece on the front page. That was totally invigorating. Thanks a lot for that. You and your organization are truly a blessing.

I know that you’ve asked for grievances and things of that nature, but everything is done on a kiosk. They’ve gotten rid of “The Paper Trail.” You have to sign up for medical via the kiosk. You have to order canteen via the kiosk/internet. Oh, if you order over the internet, there is a shipping and handling fee added, plus the items are already here in the jail. The canteen (person) downloads your order and the inmates package it downstairs. So, where is it shipped from? It’s handled by the inmates. 🙂 They’ve got a good gimmick going. Really!

They (officers) say that you have to go through medical to use the fingernail/toenail clippers, but medical says that you have to be a diabetic. What are we supposed to do? I’m not a diabetic, but my nails and toenails grow just as theirs. Anyhow, the charge is $10 per visit. Whatever service is required, your charge will be $10.

I’ll write you again this week because there’s always something happening in the (DCDC) Durham County Detention Center.

Peace and blessings…


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