It hurts me to know these people can do whatever they want with MY LIFE

Yo ______, wassup with ya?

Hope all is well. Sad to still be writing you from this place. SMH. I pray I don’t get anytime for being in the wrong place at the wrong time but with this court system ya never know. I’m depressed like hell. I don’t understand why I’m going through this? Honestly I’m a good dude, I just made a mistake. I never got in any trouble, I’d rather be at home taking care of my family. I wish the judge could see that it shows who did the (deed). Not me, so why am I charged with it? SMH, I hate 20 minute visits and 10 minute phone calls, man. I just want my life back. I seen a guy get probation for attempted murder and he didn’t stay in here but 90 days. Everybody says I have a good lawyer but I can’t tell! I never see her and the last time I did she wasn’t talking too good.  I hurts me to know these people can do whatever they want with MY LIFE, and it hurts even worse I’m putting my family thru this. The way I have to live on a daily basis in here makes everything worse, they treat us all like we’re scum of the earth. It hurts…Bad.

Thanks for the support you show me and a lot of other guys in this hell hole. I’m a strong young man, _____ but every man has his breaking point.

–Pray to your God for me, please.

–Thanks for the books you said you’re gonna send, right now I’m                                                                            reading The Best of Enemies: Race and Redemption in the New South. davidson_best

(Makes me feel smart cause Duke Class of 2011 read it too LOL)


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