Feedback loop

What’s up,

Thanx for the letter and articles! They were very interesting and I was very surprised to find that they were mostly regarding to Durham County Jail. How’s it going? What’s been happening with the progress of the alliance? Wow, this is funny. While I was writing you this letter, the mail lady gave me your 2nd letter! Thank you so much for the love and support. I’ve read those articles a couple times now. Me, I’m fine for the most part. I’m just a little concerned about seeing my lawyer since I haven’t yet. They pushed my court date back 2 weeks. I feel like if I don’t see him I’ll be in here for months. If there is anything you can do, please help me get a lawyer visit. The life in here is anything but fair. I refuse to drink the so-called “juice” because the last article claimed that it can cause cancer. The only problem is the cell water tastes horrible! And it’s warm.

I want to play cards on this “2 hours out my cell” but I have to write this letter during that time since we aren’t allowed any pencils in the cell. The only thing I can do is read the bible. Please if you can help me get a lawyer visit before my court date, please do! I also want to attend the block party for justice/Carlos Riley, Jr. on the 3rd of August. The only way I won’t be able to is if I don’t go to court. If I do go to court I’ll get time served SMH.

This may be interesting. After my first three days in solitary confinement they bunked me with my roommate, N. Now, N was here for carrying a concealed weapon (firearm) by a felon. But he didn’t have the firearm on him ever. It was his friends. The cops came and arrested him while his friends ran. He spent three weeks in here scared to death because he was on probation for non-related charges. When his court date finally came, he didn’t even go! Around 2 pm they (c.o.’s) just said through our cell speakers for him to pack his stuff to leave! Seems like they knew he was innocent and wanted to make a little money off of him. His p.o. (probation officer) said he’s violating his probation btw.

Anyways I’m very impressed about your concern on the outside. I’ve already begun talking to other inmates about the cause and want to become fully involved. Thanks again, brothers, we love what you’re doing.



**Oh and can you please detail on Carlos Riley Jr.’s situation with these racist cops out there? Thanks for everything.

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