Now, if only these guys would come together…

Hey (IOA),

I’m sorry about the delay. I would’ve written a response to your letter earlier but I was out of stamps. It seems that once you’ve had funds in your account here (DCDC), you’re only allowed to use NF (no funds) on your envelope after a number of days has passed.

I did receive the (book) and pamphlets that were also included. Thank you so much. I really appreciate what your organization does on our behalf. We enjoyed the peaceful protest that took place outside of the DCDC after the Trayvon Martin case. That was really awesome to watch from our cell windows. 🙂 Now, if only these guys would come together for change(s) in this place. We would definitely bring some awareness to the public of how things truly are in here. A lot of these guys are easily misled, or their ability to function without “a leader” doesn’t exist. That’s sad. One guy told me that he needed to be on probation upon his release or have some semblance of a structured/controlled environment in order to stay on the outside. That’s sad to hear/say, but it’s a reality. What’s even more perplexing is the fact that they don’t want to improve their situations/circumstances. They know every rapper/gangsta rapper’s lyrics. They know the make and model of every firearm they own. They don’t know what the NAACP stands for, but they know which part of town reps which set/gang. It’s pitiful how messed up these guys’ minds are. I sometimes wish that we were housed/classified by I.Q. or age bracket.

Either way, they’ve placed a guy in here who in my opinion should be on the medical ward. He wears a colostomy bag which he dumps and cleans himself, inside of his cell. Can you imagine the smell that emanates from his cell into the dayroom area, each and every time that he does this? It’s horrible and unsanitary! He does this periodically during the week. Why haven’t they moved this guy? Why doesn’t the medical staff do their job(s) and change the thing as needed. It’s bad in here and doesn’t look like there’ll be any resolution(s) soon. Oh well! That’s what they want us to say, but I say that I’m gonna keep you updated and informed as to what goes on in here.

Peace and blessings…


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