Prisoner’s Mother denied visitation because shirt is “too revealing”

I came up here at 5 o’clock. I’ve been coming since March when my son got in here and I’ve never been told any rules about what you can wear and what you can’t. They waited until 6 when it was visiting time. The officer who signed me in should’ve told me, but he just let me through. So, it was six o’clock and they called my son’s name, and I go up to where they let you in and the woman up there told me I couldn’t go in, that my shirt is too revealing. It’s 99 degrees! It’s the hottest week of the summer. I’m wearing a tank top, but I didn’t think my shirt was too revealing or anything.

I think it’s a big bunch of B.S.!!

Linda, Durham prisoner’s mother

Vague rules, arbitrarily enforced, make for unhappy parents, loved ones and friends. Another parent recently told us she was denied visitation because she left the waiting area to check to see if she got a parking ticket. No one ever told her she couldn’t leave. If time is money, as they preach in the business world, prisoner’s families have as much time-money stolen from them as anyone in ‘free society.’

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