It’s Crazy the Ingenuity of Some of these Guys!


Hope all is well with you. Man, they hold mail: you all sent me a letter June 13, just got it July 2nd and it’s stamped received twice, the 24th and the 1st. Also there’s only 2 pics in it, no newsletter. One is Marley and the other is Cobain. I’m thankful I got any pics at all, but it’s not cool how they do us. Thanks for the pics anyway. You’ve helped kill many an hour. I’ve really sharpened my drawing skills in here. I picked these people because I like 90s rock and reggae. Also, I’ve also liked Gwen Stefani and Che Guevara is the revolutionist.

I got banned from the library here, well a group of us did because someone (allegedly) took some magazines they weren’t supposed to take. Oh well, I think I’ll be leaving jail in 2 more months, Idk for sure. My investigator says 4-8 more weeks till this all wraps up, he could be wrong though. I’m really ready to move on from jail. Oh, and man, I found a roach in my food one time. 17 months of this! I’ve begun the journey of mastering the toilet paper rose. It’s crazy the ingenuity of some of these guys. Anyway, I’m gonna start drawing.

A struggler,


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