C.O. Chatter


Yooo, wassup? I’m out the hole, sorry I didn’t write you sooner, but guess what? I heard a c.o. talking about the news feed before I got out the hole. And I’m pretty sure you got my letter before and replied but they won’t give me the letter you all sent!!! This jail is some BULLSHIT! I’ve been here going on six months and can’t wait to go home. I’m pretty sure you know my charge but it’s crazy the DA know I didn’t do anything and didn’t have anything to do with it but she still didn’t drop the charge yet! Not even my bond! From my understanding we’re supposed to have bond hearings EVERY 90 days! SMH, I’m sick and tired of this place but I’m just writing you to let you know about the mail and wondering when you’re going to send Volume 2 of the (newsletter).

P.S. Could I get some books?

Anything will do.   N.E.




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