It takes a lot of patience and prayer to persevere

As Lee writes, the pencil ban inside of cells and the dearth of pencils available to inmates during rec time affect the ability of inmates to communicate with people outside the jail.


What’s good? It’s always good to know that there’s someone other than family concerned about you. Sorry for the delay: I should’ve written back days ago but, there is a shortage of pencils in this place. I’m sure you’ve heard.

This is not my first stint in here, I’m sad to say. But, the conditions in this place and the staff at times can seem unbearable. It takes a lot of patience and prayer to persevere. Examples: The canteen prices are ridiculously high. The showers are sprayed by inmates once a week some of whom don’t/ won’t take showers themselves. We have the privilege of ordering “hot trays” (meals that aren’t offered on canteen / regular diet) that range in price from $6.99 — $8.99. The meals are cold/warm 90% of the time that they arrive in the pods.

I really appreciate the information that you’ve shared thus far, with my family and myself. I will continue to be in touch as I make my way through this judicial system yet again. I’ve told several of the conscious inmates about your cause and association. My goal is to touch some of the younger people through my story. My plight. This place is not the way, nor the solution for everyone.

Peace and blessings…

Until next time,

Lee M.

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