Mail Denied and a Roach in the beans

June 10, 2013

Dear amplify voices,

Hello, how’s things going? I’m writing to say that I think two letters you sent we’re denied me receiving. I got a letter from the sheriff’s office checking the box that said inappropriate materials. what was it you all sent? That other mail lady gets really funny when she does mail. But the original is back. Anyway things been crazy in here again! Do you know a ROACH was found in my homeboy’s string beans! It was nasty! Then the c.o.’s been acting very oppressive claiming that we’re “too loud” when we are at normal level. I really can’t  get my mind used to this bull. This may sound crazy but I want my time so I can go! Anyway, how’s life doing ya? Have you heard from the fellas? I’m sure some wrote you. Also if you don’t mind kid you sent the lyrics to Amil quarrels” would you send them again? Along with the pictures? Oh yeah, I know that lady took your letter cause she said it was from an “organization” that had to be you all!… Take care.


Note: The sheriff’s office must provide an explanation when mail is denied. None has been given and the mail has not been returned.

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