Officers beat inmate while the Sarge watches

Not that it makes it any less awful if it’s not but the question must be asked: Is this kind of brutality a daily occurrence on Pettigrew and Mangum?

Hello AVI Readers,

Happy to let you know SOMEBODY cares about you and your well beings. I’ve sent a lot in my few months in Durham County and it’s never gotten any better. I’m currently in the “Hole” and when I got here a guy a few cells down was beat up and jumped by two c.o’s. The two C.O.’s and the sergeant–YES THE SARGE!–came to his cell, cuffed and beat him while the Sarge just watched as if the man was wrong. I guess he was talking too loud thru the pod joking and the C.O. thought it was about him. Sad but true my friends.

Oh and what was said on the news about a guy who hung himself in 3D a while ago? Nothing! Something’s got to give and it starts with our voices, “AMPLIFIED VOICES!!!” Yes we’re in their custody but we still have Rights! Peace brothers.


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