Inspection Needed

Dear Amplify Voices Inside,

I am E. G. I am 17 years old and a Hispanic male. I  think it’s about time the people know what it is really like in Durham County Jail! This shit is ridiculous. I don’t like it one bit in here. Since I’ve been in lock up, we’ve been shaked down on lock back 10 times for “petty” things, like a pencil in the room or coming out the shower 2 or 3 minutes late..I’m just ready to go home and do right…

When I first got up here to (pod named) and came in my cell I noticed that my toilet was clogged up and it stank like a MF, n then when I got up the next morning and seen what they called “oatmeal” I almost threw up! I went to take a shower and when I looked at the walls there were little flies on each wall. And then like my third week here I woke up with my chest itching real bad and I noticed I had a bunch of red bumps from the top of my chest to the middle of my stomach, and I put a sick call and didn’t get seen til’ 11PM and I put the sick call during breakfast, and when I went down there they had no clue on what (the bumps) were so they gave me an “Ibuprofen” and sent my back. What the hell is a “Ibuprofen” gots to do with itchy red bumps? Man, I was pissed. Eventually they went away but just the fact they acted like they didn’t give a fuck!! They need to really do an inspection on this jail!

In struggle,


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