Durham Court System Hates its Citizens!

The writer talks about the city he loves, paranoid guards, and, the possibility of inmate democracy.

Hey AVI,

How’s things going? Hopefully well. I’ve been alright for the most part but I’ve been really annoyed by the guards’ sergeant harassing us! Again! Remember I told you bout the Sgt. tripping over us exercising intensely? If not, here’s a brief summary: Me and the guys were exercising during our rec time and we were doing pretty good. When all of a sudden Sergeant calls for a meeting! He told us, or should I say accused us of training and working to fight against the guards. We of course laughed within ourselves cause that wasn’t our intentions. Anyway, a few days ago the sgt. came and called 4 men into the multi-purpose room. He interrogated them asking why they had shoes ON! Can you believe that? He blames it on gang banging, but I haven’t seen any gang-related fight since being in (pod)! To my own dismay and shock I’m actually looking forward to going to prison (if that’s what happens) than staying locked here! I’m from Durham and I feel the court system hates its citizens! It hurts to feel resentment for my own city! But look how they (justice system) treat us! But anyway, I’ve been praying and asking God to help me organize bigger groups or at least spark fire to the people going through mental torture to write it on paper and send it to Amplify Voices.

I must say today I got the “Feedback” and I’m very impressed with the work you guys did. Proud also of the guys and myself for writing with such passion! Barely know it was me! Plus the pictures came out awesome! I plan to send more also. I’ve been thinking of ways to fight the injustices and get others to join in. I want to challenge the way they keep punishing us for extra supplies like toilet tissue. And I want to start asking guys who would like to join in on creating a “prisoner committee” so to speak where we write our thoughts down on what would make a safer and better community for everyone doing time. Third, I believe we should stand as a group and when we have a problem with a guard, sgt., etc, we address them with respect to the situation. These are just ideas of what I’ve gotten from reading and thinking. Tell me what you think so far. Other than that I’m waiting to hear again from my lawyer next week lord willing and go to court. Which is the week of the 3rd. I can feel a real change bro. It’s making me very much become a man! I value everyone’s life and actually I believe the c.o.s should spend a week in jail now before becoming a c/o that way they know exactly how we feel! Well, that’s about it. Keep up the good work!

In struggle,

P. L. M.

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