Lockback Grievance

A key weapon in the logic of incarceration is the disciplining effect of the prison on those outside who have some relationship–however tenuous–with the labor force. An effective barrier for the rulers, this mode of thinking causes many workers to separate themselves, not to recognize their struggle in the struggle of the inmate, and not to listen to the voices from inside, as this writer admonishes. We might do better to take up an old, perhaps forgotten slogan of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) to rally folks about their comrades locked up on ‘dangerous’ speech and other charges of sedition. Their banners featured someone locked up and framed by jail bars: We’re in for you! it screamed. And today’s inmates are, also. 154

We need a voice on the outside. So many people are suffering and need to tell their story but not too many are willing to listen! Keep doing what you do one day you will be GLOBAL if not already. God Bless.


…I was placed on lockback behind the door for 3 days without a shower, phone call, or hour walk which is mandatory according to the rules. One of the canteen ladies tried to sell me some raw chicken and tried to curse me out for it. We went back and forth arguing about a plate of chicken I refused to pay for out of my account. I was written up but it was dismissed by the disciplinary officer and I was taken off lockback. An officer that I’ve had issues with on numerous occasions locked me back behind the door once the lieutenant and sergeant left for the weekend. So, I ended up still serving time for refusing to be disrespected, spending my money on raw chicken without a write up. I wrote grievances but nothing was done about it. I’ve been in jail for almost 8 months with no visit from my public defender since December. I make countless requests to see her and to have another attorney assigned to my case but nothing has happened. The Durham County Judicial System has been holding me with no evidence or actual proof and I have not been to court at all. It’s amazing how they will hold you because you are a felon according to your record on charges that you’ve already served active time for! I’m in college with ________ in ___________. I have a 5 and a half year old son that I’m behind on child support for in _____ due to me being here behind a lie w/ no convicting evidence. I’m a licensed barber in the state of North Carolina. I’m on a 5 yr. probationary period with the state barber board due to my past felony conviction. I don’t know if me being here will affect my permission by the state to cut hair and provide for my family. My cleaning service is ruined behind my being held on bogus charges. I’m losing business and everything else. I have no way of getting before a judge to ask for a bond reduction so I can get out and hire a proper attorney as well as feed my son. My apartment is gone as well as my car. Something needs to be done ASAP. I am currently reading The New Jim Crow and it explains about this…

Thanks for the love,


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