“People need to see what we go through”

As another inmate wrote months ago: “if we scream loud enough maybe someone will hear.” Hey Durham, hey world, you listening?

Hey, how you doing? Well, I’m doing good and it’s ok for you to put what I say on the website. I don’t mind–people need to see what we go through here in this Bullshit-Ass jail. Yeah, and when I get the chance I’ll send some of my drawings so you all can see…If you could send me some drawings from a website called LowRiderArte.com they have some nice drawings and they give me good ideas…I just forgot how they look I been locked up so long.

Well, I went to court today for the first time in 7 months just for them to bullshit me. They continued it to June 3rd. See what happens. I’m trying to get more people to write and stand up…Well, thank you.



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