Not much going on: Getting Harassed and Strip Searched Every Day

The writer, C, makes an earnest case for lifting the pencil ban. With so much time spent in cells, why can’t inmates have pencils there?


How have you been doing? I received your letter but it kind of took me a while to write back because I didn’t know to write. I think what you all are doing is cool because a lot of people could care less about people that are in jail. I find myself being harassed and even sometimes beat by police and jail officials. I just felt as if there were no one to help. There is not much going on in jail but the fact that we keep getting harassed and strip searched every day over the pencil thing. I think the taking away our pencils is some bullshit because we have to write our letters in the day room with all the other inmates looming around and being nosy. But besides that everything seems okay…

Thanks and have a nice day.

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