Behind Closed Doors

What does the U.S. penal system produce? “Rehabilitated” individuals, ready to be “restored” to society?” Or boredom and alienation?

J—- here, just writing you back. Yeah, man this pencils thing is crazy. Just like the time we stay behind the doors. We come out at 6:30 in the morning to eat breakfast, then go back in at 6:45. Then we come out at 9 am til 12:45. Then 4-6:45. And sometimes at 9:00 at night if they let us out. It’s really supposed to be at 9:00 unitl 10:45, but they might not let us out until 10:10. So out of a 24 hour period we only get 7 hours, 15 minutes in the whole day. And some nights we don’t even come out at all…

                                                                                       Your friend in the struggle,


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