Illegal Writing

The writer scratched out this letter at tremendous risk to his personal safety and welfare.

April 19, 2013

‘Sup _______,

I’ve heard about you (all) from my good friend, ______. I love the fact that someone out there cares about what’s going on inside this place. Myself and others have a hard time here and now with the “no pencils” in our “cells” makes it a bit harder. It’s not easy sitting out in the day room with 50 guys trying to write a letter home to my family, or write music. They said they’ll lock us back 25 days just for one pencil. I feel as if it’s gonna start some problems. One c.o. said we’ll have to check pencils out but he’s only gonna bring 10 pencils! Such (stuff), I’m sick and tired of this place. They feed us food that’s no good so we have to spend money on junk food, chips and noodles. I’d really like to start writing you and letting the outside world know about how they hold your mail, feed you bad food, beat guys and throw them in the hole, tell some guys “like me” we can’t get meds, and how cold they keep our cells. Right now I’m in my room writing you this letter before they come do their walk.

In struggle,


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