It’s a miracle a lot more of us aren’t dead


Sorry I haven’t been writing you all lately. A lot of things have been going so wrong in my life, sometimes I wonder is 2013 the end of me? Well, for one my wife is in the hospital and it’s her heart. She’s been under a lot of stress with the death of her mother last month and then turn around her son (18) is at the bus terminal and his stupid (self) gets caught with a “gun.” His so-called “friends” ran off and left him holding a concealed weapon with only one bullet. He says to the police, “It ain’t mines.” They pull it from his pants, so you know what that means. You the one who going to “wear” the charge. He don’t want to tell on nobody…Bond was only $7,000; he stayed up here for a few days. I told his mom that he probably was acting out, for the loss of his grandmother and to seek some help for him. He needs to grieve for his grandma. My wife needs surgery, then here I am in jail and it makes me feel hopeless, nobody will let me get a phone call to her or call the hospital and let me know how she is doing. I’m going crazy, man. 2013 ain’t been too happy for me, I need a miracle and I read my bible faithfully, it says the bigger the problems, the bigger the blessing. And I believe that with all my being. I’ll be going to court (soon). With god on my side now, things are going to come out right. Bible says “the foolishness of god is wiser than men; and the weakness of god is stronger than men. And you faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but the power of God.

I must face this challenge like Lot faced his when he received bad times and still kept his faith and in the end he was givin double for his trouble. My faith that things are going to work out cannot be tarnished. It’s what keeps me pressing on. You understand what I’m saying. I didn’t mean to go all holy on you, but it’s the way I feel.

So anyway, whew! Glad to get the info on the police and how they came to be. I heard about the inmate dying in here in the paper ( You know what? It’s a miracle a lot more of us “offenders” aren’t dead. The medical staff here is a joke. I know for one that it’s a lie that they go around calling to the cells; they barely want to get out from the chair. Or answer the intercom. They sleep on the job, they smoke in the building, they curse you out, and they walk by the cell door window so fast you don’t see them to complain about anything, and then they forget about you. The nurses here are too busy flirting with the guards or what’s really sick and a show of low self-esteem, with the inmates. (Flirting).

I know for myself that this guy was having chest pains and feel out while walking around the pod, it took the guard 2 minutes to come see the problem. Another inmate to get back with a nurse on the line, another 5-8 minutes before she–Yes! one person showed up), she came with a blood-pressure gauge and nothing else. When she was done they helped him to his room and left him there. It took them 20 minutes to come back with a wheel chair and then they took him down stairs. My god, we talking about a person’s life who had a history of cardiac 30-45 minutes before anything was given to him, if that! So that bull in the paper is to cover their asses. Guards and Nurse staff. The medical staff barely wants to give you aspirins and it cost you $10 to get that. And who knows what you will get from the dentist office in here. The “butcher”, the medical staff, I call them veterinary doctors and I feel sorry for the poor “beast” they treat.

That boy (Terry Demetrius Lee) didn’t have a chance. The second he came to jail, and it’s sad, that a family had to bury their loved one, and the city covered it up. Autopsy!! Boy, Bye, Hmmmm. Send me those books I would love to have one.


Hurricane *&()

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