Each one, Teach one

NJCTo: Inside-Outside Alliance

From: Inmate # ————

Reason: “The New Jim Crow”

Yes, my name is _________. I’m incarcerated downtown Durham. I’ve been in this jail 3 months. I’ve met great people who’ve urged me to get in contact with your organization. Excuse my handwriting my pencil is so small and we are not allowed to have erasers.

I’m requesting to learn more of your supporting struggles on the inside and outside.

My friend fellow inmate Mr. ______ told me to ask if you had a copy of the book labeled “The New Jim Crow”; if so, please send me a copy. I really need enlightenment on my unruly situation.

If you have other publications please send. I will start a class here in the jail informing inmates of your organization and their rights. I really need the help. Thanks a lot.

Each one Teach one

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