Dumb rules and toilet paper rolls

Enjoy Leonard’s “2Pac with Prison Bars”. 2Pac’s eyes pierce the viewer into consciousness. Here Leonard talks about the petty way guards conduct themselves just to keep themselves over the inmates. Also, the dominant discourse says “saving” is good, but when it’s prisoners saving toilet paper so they don’t run out, they are punished. Just another contradiction brought to you by the United States justice system.

SCAN0012…So you said they gave an award for people who are resisting. Man, that’s very nice and thoughtful. Thanks for the congratulation. I’m definitely trying to keep my brothers consciousness up.

 Conscious of what’s going on around them. You know it’s scary to see no one really have it all as far as learning goes. Basics like reading and writing are milestones for them. It goes back to the system and parents not keeping their eyes on the ball. I will make sure they know about being heard. It’s really a treat to me, so I know some of the brothers will feel the same way. Oh, no, I won’t dare get comfortable here.That’s the thing–I can’t! Which means I won’t be coming back. EVER!

The pictures you sent were great. …Superman is an awesome picture! Wouldn’t that be a good movie? Superman finds out the jail is treating prisoners wrong, and worse, feeding them horrible food with “paint remover” for a chaser. Wouldn’t that be a twist of justice–Lol.

…Well, people been talking about it being real cold in here lately. Also, we’ve been being harassed lately. The head of sergeants been commanding the guards to glance in our rooms when the day has just begun. They also don’t want us to be conservative in having supplies. You know they take your old roll of tissue which only about 25% left and give you your weekly roll after so you’ll always have to depend on “them” for supplies. Also, they have another dumb rule where they unlock our rooms manually by key one at a time! Which only gives us less time to be out!

…My opinion about the cop (Christopher Dorner) who killed the other cops family for getting him fired for speaking up on brutality. If you mean brutality on us as citizens then maybe there’s more that made him resist and do it. But hey, the flame has to spark somewhere, right?

Even more serious, did you hear about the chipping of infant babies? March 23 it takes effect then later adults will have to get it. You know that’s straight outta revelations! That was part of the plan I learned the Illuminati planned doing in their new world order. When they make it law and mandatory. Please don’t take it! Go back and watch Demolition Man, it’s no coincidence. Plus the Pope decides to high tail out of his position of power that’s another red flag! The new guy definitely gonna be bad news. (And) what you think about North Korean threats on the white house? So many rumors of war but which to believe until we get hit? I know one thing, my study of the Bible for five years has served me well and what I’ve learned has not been wrong. Things about to get a lot worse…


P. Leonard

…Keep Fighting!

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