History is Very Important!

In part 2 from Alonzo, he riffs on The Spook Who Sat By the Door, the Black Panther Party, and the importance of struggle.

Excuse me–shower time.

Okay. I’m back on paper. Kindly excuse my writing, but I’m in the hole–SHU (special housing unit)–and there’s no table/desk, nor stool/chair, nor a mirror in this cell; thus this lying on my side is uncomfortable, yet I’ll attempt to make due under the circumstances…

There’s a line that needs to be drawn–wrong is wrong indeed, yet the mentality bothers me in my soul, in my gut. These cats’ll boost so much on toughness, brotherhood, and so-called unity, and the white man this and that, yet quickly will rob a person who looks like them–will violate someone’s home, a sacred place, instead of going where the money within these establishments are.

I’m more afraid of a person with my gender, and of my race killing me, and harming me, than anyone else.

As in the old medieval day, and today, the ones who were able to place the poison in the king’s cap were the ones close to him.

Do not sleep!

Did you ever see, and/or read the movie or book called “The Spook Who Sat by the Door”? A must see, or read. They (gov’t) took it off the movie scene–banned it. But the book can be found in most underground Africa-hard-to-find book stores. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbrG6B_XBxM

spookA black guy who was never meant to graduate into the ranks of the CIA, but did, started a revolution, starting in Chicago. But what once was his philosophy about not killing a brother, he changed that concept, after his best friend who grew with him turned Sgt. (P.D.), and found out that he was behind the revolution, attempted to turn him in, and even shot him. He (the CIA bro) killed the Sgt. in his home and one of the student-comrades came in and challenged him on it, after seeing the Sgt. lying on the floor dead. He said–paraphrasing–the rules changed, sometime, somewhere down the line, you may have to kill/hurt one of the brothers, because they’re not with you nor for the cause. Uncle Toms.

Didn’t prophet Noah ask God to allow his son to come aboard the ark when it started raining? What was God’s response? Those who are of you, are with you, on the ark!

History is very important! I’ve had some great teachers…

As you know, the gun rights laws did not change–The government did not attempt to eradicate the U.S. constitutional amendment on the right to bear arms, the 2nd Amendment–only until the Black Panthers started marching with assault rifles. The KKK been doing it for years, no problem–it was okay then.

Also, the government didn’t start giving out cheese, peanut butter, etc. until they realized the Black Panther Party was being and becoming effective with the cheese program/food program. That was a form of taking power away from those organized groups, isolating, then destroying them.

The government endorsed the cheese/food program as a way to halt havoc from hungry people, inter alia. But once it became effective and the people’s bellies got a stomach full of cheese, they abandoned the same ones who made a path for them and sacrificed their lives.

A people without a concrete purpose are lost.

It’s up to the wise leaders to keep the focus and weed out the parasites. Parasites can serve a purpose, once properly recognized…

Okay. Let me attempt to move along: I don’t want to scare you–smile.

But the struggle is real; it’s not a myth; and it requires sacrifices, it requires knowing one’s purpose, goals, tactics on achieving these solid principles inter alia.

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