What do you like about having your freedom?


Leonard asks us all some pretty awesome, pointed questions. He takes as a given that we on the outside take things for granted about being “free.” But like the philosopher Hegel, Leonard’s hero the Hulk might agree: “It is solely by risking life that freedom is obtained.”

…Hey, thanks a lot for the Hulk and Spiderman pictures. You picked some great ones. Especially the full body Hulk picture! I’m thankful a lot. You’re also right about the Illuminati being systematic. There’s not just a small group of people–there’s thousands of them! Just the ones who call the big shots are ever seen. You know like how you never see the owner of McDonalds, but you see the manager?

…Oh yeah, I’ve been moved to another pod cause they’re doing maintenance in our former pod 4D, so we’re in 3B till they get through. Man the cells were super dirty in here and still are!! It took them 3 hours for us just to all clean our rooms! It’s 3:05 am now. Crazy, right? I’m tired as can be but I really wanted to write my family and (Amplify Voices Inside). I hope this letter finds you doing well. If I may ask a question that seems random and weird please forgive me but it’s been a while since I’ve been free. So my questions are, What do you like about having your freedom and what things you take for granted sometimes and what things you cherish in your life that you enjoy?

Me personally I really love the light of the sun! It may sound corny or cheesy but I feel dead inside here cause I’m always cold and never feel real heat. But when the sun actually beams inside my room it’s an uplifting feeling of peace I get like I’m free! Another thing I miss is the rain! Main it looks so amazing from the window that now I’ll walk through the rain without a flinch! Long story short I’ve just learned that I love nature more than I thought. Deprivation of nature to me is torture and life to me cause its something our own body needs! Well, I guess that was all. Sorry if I rambled on but I’m a very passionate person. Lol. Well, bro, I hope that your are doing well out there. Another brother in the struggle.


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