“This is Something Very Big!”

PLMdrawingFeb13P. Leonard talks about art, indefinite detention, struggle on the inside and outside, and his favorite jail food: The Swole, a mixture of ramen noodles and chips (often doritos or cheetos), ‘swoled’ together with hot water and wrapped up in a tortilla. As it is a necessity to find something more edible than mess to eat, inmates have come up with the swole. It is often one of the first things taught to a new inmate, and the making of swoles often involves much cooperation and a pooling of resources.

Jan. 29, 2013

Shalom ______, (that’s peace in Hebrew!)

I’m shocked at how fast you wrote back–Thank God! …I turned myself in cause I had nothing to hid. But I didn’t know I would have to sit this long by doing so! Please feel free to put my words and art on display. We need people to read the untold truth about this place! Yes, I’ve been here 18 months. And guess what? I just had court the 24th finally after 7 months of no court date! But I believe there’s a light in the end of the tunnel! My attorney told me they’re trying to give me as much time credit as possible. He said nothing about any time they said I’ll be facing. And they had to talk in hushed tones to Judge Hudson. So I could be coming out time served! I just have to keep praying. Yes, I agree about the justice system and the bigger one that controls them. To me they’re no different than the Illuminati if you ask me. Lol. Well you see some of us in here are down to protest but the others don’t think it will change anything! It makes me mad cause they will be disobedient to the guards on their terms but not protest for the good!

Wow, I didn’t know a woman was beaten by a cop. Was it on the news? That makes me mad. No pity not even for women! Really doesn’t surprise me though seeing how a woman was molested by a cop two years ago. Carlos Riley, Jr. sounds like another Trayvon Martin case in another version. So, I have a question: what can I do to protest inside here? I’m new but I learn quick and am a good speaker. Oh, yeah. I also heard of the new “Justice Center” I don’t know why but walking through a tunnel straight to the court room sounds a little creepy, like going to meet the executioner, LOL. On a more serious tip, yeah, it’s a shame we get poisoned paint remover to drink while the c.o.’s eat the food we should really be having! Then I heard that some of this food that’s not real can cause health problems in the long run. When you do have salt and you put some on the fake macaroni and meat it gets mushy like it’s shriveled up. Then an oily liquid floods the food. The water here is not pure either. There’s particles in it and sometimes it comes out a white dirty color at night which you can’t see through your cup to the bottom.

I’m down with joining you all in the struggle on the outside. There’s even more things needed to be done for you guys rights, too! But there’s a lot of rights being taken from us. Like in the morning for breakfast they try and harass you and make you hurry and eat. But you can’t dog this food cause your stomach will hurt so if you don’t hurry they threaten to lock you back. It’s crazy how much they oppress people here.

…I really appreciate you and your (group) fighting for us. This is something very big! Between us inside and y’all outside how can our voices be ignored? It’s funny you mention lack of medical treatment, cause I’m sick right now and I have asthma and when I get sick it flares up. So long story short I went to medical and the lady was honest and said she couldn’t help me that she will refer me to another doctor. Well, it’s been 2 days and I’m waiting to be seen when it’s an emergency! I should have been taken to the hospital then. But I prayed to God to heal me and I’ve actually been feeling a bit better. Waiting for medical to help I’ll be dead! The only thing that I’m glad I learnt in here as far as survival is how to make a swole! I tell you it’s very delicious! If people knew how to make them the price of Ramen noodles will go up! Also a stake cake. Those 2 are good. Believe it or not people prefer to eat swoles than the dinner trays! Right now the jail is on half & half which is when the bottom comes out 1st but not the top and the top comes out at 4 pm then no one comes out at night.

…I really can’t wait to be free. I took so much for granted out there like just the sun alone being on my skin again will be a blessing! Please continue to write me and inform me of more of the unjust acts our “fellow officers” and “justice system” has done. Whatever you want to know about me feel free to ask. I believe the inmates’ family needs to protest also. I’m sure my sister might wanna try seeing she was in here too with me and my mother. Their charges were dismissed. If you want to write them and make them aware feel free. They are very kind people like me. The address is below. Sorry the letter is so long. Well, I’ll make sure to tell my church to write also. God Bless y’all. Shalom.

A part of the struggle,

P. Leonard


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