“…Glad to be in Jail Where it’s Safe.”

The following letter comes from Floyd. It was written the day after 3 Durham police officers (from left below: Stacy Armstrong, Ryan Freeman, and Erin Espinola) were arrested for wrongful imprisonment and entering a dwelling unlawfully, but the letter was misplaced until now. One can imagine the inmates looking at News 11 and shaking their heads at the hypocrisy. Not surprisingly, Floyd asks some very poignant questions. As he and others are detained indefinitely under excessive bonds, these three rogues are running free.


Hope this letter finds you in good health and well being. I know you heard of the 3 police officers on the news (11) for charges of wrongful imprisonment, assault and something else. HMMM!
What’s so bad about it, first they’re still on the force, probably with pay, even though they’ve been charged. They didn’t spend one dime or a foot in jail. Now you tell me, how is their crime different than any of the crimes we’re charged with? And why aren’t they behind bars? Are they above the law? Are they what you call innocent until proven otherwise? So, in my situation of self-defense, bond set at $500,000, defending myself against 4 (people), I’m guilty until proven guilty and sent to jail. By the way, I turned myself in. (Law-abiding citizen, I thought) That was a joke (not funny), I’m upset cause I’ve been here now 112 days and still have not spoken to my lawyer. Anyway these so called officers go free, not to jail, where they belong.
To me they’re the worst type of law breakers there is. They sworn to protect and serve the public. They had the trust of the mayor, police chief, fellow officers, and last but not least the citizens of Durham!! They the worst type of criminal there is. But instead they’re sitting at home watching t.v. on the couch and getting paid by tax-payers for doing wrong!! They belong in jail with no bond, they are scum of the earth. You know what? They’re not even going to keep it public, wash it under the bridge, keep it low key. (Not if I got anything to do with it) You all need to keep the pressure on the press, the citizens need to know how the courts, the chief of police and judges are going to do about it. Bad enough the d.a.’s office is corrupted, now the police department too. Now they’re giving the crooks badges also with guns. Whew, makes me glad to be in jail where it’s safe. My lawyer is Lisa Williams on Parrish St. (great lawyer, slow but good). I’m trying to get my bond down to at least $30,000 so I can work in the kitchen. (Try to do better on the food LOL…

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