Officer Smalls, again

The following is from Samuel, 57, who we spoke to recently outside the jail. He had been released from the jail two days earlier. He still had a visible welt on his head. Samuel pinpointed two corrections officers as having come into his cell after all he had given them was “a little bit of verbal.” Officer Smalls, who reportedly beat on another inmate very recently, was one of those implicated.

Samuel: “I was in 30 days. I told the guards I was supposed to go to court, I had to go court. I didn’t go to court at the right time, on Thursday (January 17). I was mad next day (Friday, January 18). So I was talking to the guards. I was talking, yeah. I told the one he had a problem, maybe he wasn’t getting no p***y or something.So next thing is they came into my cell and they beat me up real bad. Two came in and put this scar on my head. All I was giving was a little bit of verbal. That’s all. It was two of them, Holloway and Smalls.”

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