A Brutal Beating and a Veiled Threat

This post comes from an Anonymous source. It goes to show things inside bear significant resemblance to what’s going on outside. It speaks to the impunity that police and corrections officers believe they have:

Quick note to let you know about an incident that occurred…

1/6/13 Pod 4C, cell #6, I do not know the reason but Officer Smalls reportedly beat the crap out of the inmate. Officer Harris was Pod officer. I do not know exactly what happened but (inmate was taken out that night. I was told he was released the next day (sentence expired). It was after 11 pm, which means his cells was locked, and it means the inmate couldn’t have committed battery…only verbal assault. No reason to beat him down. If that’s what happened. Others in the pod (said) that’s what happened.  I did not see anything, but it was reported his face was swollen.

Funny thing though, Officer Smalls worked Pod 4C on 1/9/13 and made an announcement about people who file grievances that don’t know what they are talking about…seemed like a veiled threat to me.

Find (the inmate) and you’ll find out exactly what happened.

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