Thanksgiving meal inside — thanks for what?

While we are on the subject of price-gouging and sucking poor people dry, here’s some more news we just received from inside: Aramark sold Thanksgiving holiday trays to inmates who could afford it at the rate of $18.50 each. For this price, a person could choose from an 8 oz. steak, 2 veg. pies and a drink OR two chicken breasts, 2 veg. pies and a drink.


One thought on “Thanksgiving meal inside — thanks for what?

  1. This profiteering off of Durham County jail inmates goes to the heart of why the prison industry needs to be resisted. Make no mistake—locking folks up is big business, even in supposedly government-controlled jails. The fact that Aramark uses Thanksgiving as an opportunity to rip off should enrage anyone with a conscience.

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