A voice inside: It’s Time to Take the Banner of Freedom & Justice and Move it Up to the Next Level

Glad to know you are serious about the cause of our rights inside Durham County Jail. I commend your efforts and wish one day to stand and support the cause with you for the inmates and prisoners all across the state. Hoorah, and cheers to you.

Hope [that talk] is heard by thousands who have loved ones incarcerated. It’s a shame to see what our young black youth think of being locked up and forgotten about. They see it as a badge of honor, when it’s really a badge of shame.

I look around the pod, which is really a “tomb” for the “living dead” and the average age of those “living dead” are in the range from 17 to 22 years of age, that’s over 75 percent in this tomb alone (staggering).

I wonder a lot about our species as a black culture. They say that the best way to kill or destroy a culture is to kill off the young and that way we become extinct.

Today, all you have to do is put a gun in a black man’s (boy rather) hand and sit back and watch the “mayhem” it causes in “our” neighborhood, or as the “killers” (white racists) would say “niggerhood.” No longer do we see whites protest any more, you know why? Cause they just pick up a newspaper and smile to see “4 arrested in drive by, 3 dead, and an innocent child, or elder person, or an entire family killed.” This is the madness we must bring forth and expose their plan in order to stop it.

What ever happened to (the) NAACP, civil rights leaders who stood up for justice and our rights to be heard, where a black man felt he belonged and had rights to be heard. Don’t you think it’s time for people like us to take the banner of freedom and justice and move it up to the next level? The lions of our time are getting too laid back (lazy) in the sun. We need for them (Black Leaders) to teach us what to do, how to organize and assemble marches, speeches, protests, and put the control of our youth back in the hands where it belongs, and that’s the parents and schools and discipline. Take it back from the courts and the police. (I scream for this to be done and not heard).

We have to come to the “rescue” and be “heroes” in the eyes of our youth, and stop waiting for someone or somebody, or someday, or some “plan” to arrive. I say today is that day and yesterday was way too late to begin.

…I’ve spoken my peace and I hope to God or to to your understanding you get the big picture here. We need to stop the bleeding and start the re-healing.

Peace to you,

Floyd Harwell

Fight on.

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