A voice inside: “We have already been judged before we are judged”

This letter arrived from an inmate in a pod we hadn’t heard from yet. He likely heard about Amplify Voices Inside from another inmate on his pod who had been told of it from a visitor. Along with this letter, he sent a petition signed by 41 inmates on his pod. Both describe a slew of awful conditions the inmates face.

November 20, 2012

To Amplify Voices Inside,

. . . We are proud to have somebody on the outside fighting for us, I commend you for your and our voices to be heard.

There are also other conditions in here that need addressing such as: Better Health Care, Longer Visiting Time, Hours of LockBack during the day, Proper Heating of Building, Too Cold, Spiders, Flies, Air Filteration, Proper Washing of Clothes (come back dirtier), Proper UV lighting (Sun), Meals, Water Containers for Pods, Microwaves for Aramark Soups and Products, Prices (Too High), Care Packages (Hygiene Products), better toothbrushes, Church (Groups), Relaxation Methods (Stress), DVD Movies to Pods on Good Behavior to each other and staff, Library, better Kitchen Staff, Paint Crews for Pods, High Bonds that don’t fit the Crime.

We here feel as though we’ve been found Guilty and are being punished. What happened to Innocent until proven otherwise? We have already been judged before we are judged.

Thank you
“7420” Floyd K. Harwell

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