A voice inside: “They have just cut out our only serving of milk”

NOTE: We have received permission from the author of the letter below (from late October 2012) to publish his words and his name here. (We will also publish anonymous voices from inside–whatever a person requests.) The letter is published in its entirety. To date, we have heard nothing else about the milk situation.

Dear —–,

They have just cut out our only serving of milk, which was only 30% of the daily calcium requirement as it was. We are trying to bury them with grievances, (it’s incredible they should even think of doing this) but if you’ve got any mojo, I think this would be worth using it for. I’d write the Herald-Sun and the N&O, but I’m out of postage right now.

Yours, Robert Smith

“Nothing ain’t gonna ever change unless you stand up and fight.” — James Taylor

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