‘I HATE DCDF and everything it stands for’


What’s up?

I’m ok. I could be better but I’m hanging in there. Thanks for writing back…You’re right about the mail, my wife sent me mail on the 6th of October and I received it on the 11th, how crazy is that? I’m also very ecstatic about the change in the food, it’s way more appetizing than Aramark. But anyway, they do all they can to try to make us seem irrelevant, but they can’t stop the mail services. So, with that being said I would like to see them try to stop us from writing you guys. Continue reading

‘We got to drink out the sink at night like dogs’


How are you? I hope you’re doing good. I know it’s been a little while since the last time I wrote you and I’m sorry about that!! I hope you get this letter as soon as possible.

Lately the food has got better since the new company. The things I don’t like is how they took away our sweet bread and blueberry bread, and how they keep feeding us potatoes. But I believe that now we are eating real food. Aramark is still running canteen, but I think it’s only until the end of the year or January. But before they stopped doing the food, man, the food was bad and to me it seemed like they was cutting costs even more. But you best believe I’m going to hold their feet to the fire on this one. Thank you guys because this couldn’t have happened without y’all help.  Continue reading

Tears of an Inmate

I was born

February the seventh

Nineteen ninety-seven

Pushed out by my mother

But crafted

By our Lord and savior

From Heaven

I’m a human being

Not a beast

From the fields

So why am I locked up

In a cage

Held ransom on a bond so high

Question to the government

“Keep it real”

I’m locked in my cell

Twenty-two and a half hours

A day

Fed through a slot

Away from my family

With tears streaming

Down my face

Waiting on the court

But they won’t

Give me a date

Depression is getting over on me

I’m starting to lose

This fight

I’m stressed to the point

Where it’s hard to sleep

At night

Not speaking

Just for myself

But on the behalf

of other inmates

When you’re behind

These walls

There’s a mental and physical

Struggle everday

So I’m turning to the world

With tears of an inmate


‘They always cry it’s a security concern when they don’t want to change for the better’

Hey J & S,

I hope y’all don’t mind me responding to you both in a single letter. I have just completed putting final touches on a petition for Writ of Mandamus to be mailed to Durham District Court in the AM. Trying to level the playing field keeps me wide open in here!

I can hardly wait to get out of this awful place. I am 65 years young. There is much work to do in the realm of jurisprudence for the offenders and the courts to get the playing field leveled and reduce crime.

I am going to seek a Soros Justice Fellowship when I get out to conduct a study in Durham, Wake, Guilford, and Mecklenburg jails and courts to see just how effective their court appointed lawyer system is and how justice is meted out in these courts. I’d like to compare the plea deals offered by those various DAs for similar offenses committed in those 4 counties. If I get a justice fellowship, I could then hire a small staff and have other non-profit agencies help me to extend this study to all 100 counties.

The courts need someone — a serious watchdog — looking over their shoulders, as District Attorneys. Continue reading

There’s Always More Here

It’s nice to hear from othaz here that feel as I do, they do stuff here crazy.

I spoke of the “Bullshit.” Now lets do the mail. I stay 10 mins from here – if that – I’m walkin’. Why does it take 3, 4 days sometime fo’ my family to get my lettaz. Your letta’ was sent 9-28. I got it 2 weeks lata’ almost — WHY? I need to know somethin’ about all that. They have new people here now & I must say, “NO MORE BEANZ”!! (kitchen)



p.s. “Oatmeal & potatoes fo’ breakfast”